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Volgograd State Medical University is located in Volgograd which is situated in the southern part of Russia on the west bank of the Volga River. The University is accredited by the Russian Ministry for Education for the teaching of both Russian and Foreign students. The University has been training international students since 1962. Since 2000 the Volgograd State Medical University has got an opportunity to teach foreign students in the English language.

The University is listed in the Directory of Higher Medical Schools recognized by the World Health Organisation. It means that the graduates from Volgograd State Medical University can work in any country after passing national examinations of that particular country.

About University

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The University has the following Colleges:

  • College of General Medicine;
  • College of Dentistry;
  • College of Pediatrics;
  • College of Pharmacy;
  • College of Medical Biochemistry;
  • College of Social Work and Clinical Psychology;
  • Department for International Students;
  • College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education;
  • Department for Foundation Courses.

Since the beginning of its educative journey the University ranks high among the medical schools of the Russian Federation. The University has been training international students since 1962.


Since it’s inception, the University has attracted highly qualified staff with an experience of teaching in many destinations of the world. It is mandatory at the University for Staffers to continually enhance and update their skills and methodology by undergoing short courses or undertaking longer courses overseas.

The teaching staff of the University has 763 highly qualified professors and instructors with 11 academicians and 401 associate professors. Most of them having Ph.D.s or other advanced degrees.

The academic programs are run by 66 departments of the University.
At present about 5000 citizens of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union and 900 international students from Asia, Africa, Latin and South America, Germany and Arab countries are pursuing their dreams at the University. The growing Indian presence there has also seen the advent of many Indian companies establish there base here.

Indian students have been seeking admission at this university since 1982. More than 1000 Indian doctors have graduated from this university and are practicing in India. Graduates from this University work in 107 countries including USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, India and Arab countries.

The Volgograd State Medical University has built up relationships and ties with a numerous foreign universities - the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (USA), Albert Ludwigs Universitaet (Freiburg, Germany), Martin-Luther Halle-Wittenberg Universitaet (Germany), Belgian, French, Chinese universities, etc. This collaboration has been fostering the advance of medical science in fields such as family medicine, poison control, family planning and reproductive health, arterial hypertension, epidemiology, tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment, pharmacology, pharmacy, etc.

One of the latest developments is the newly set up Russian-American Family Practice Clinic which is a unique clinic of its type in the whole of the south of Russia.

The University has also been collaborating with the World Federation for Medical Education, World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, British Council, United States Agency for International Development, The American International Health Alliance, and participating in a wide range of joint international research projects.

Fees Structure
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